Our Vision

As a ministry operating in the 21st century, we are committed to fulfilling the great commission through the following:


1. To influence our society with the principles of a loving but just God;

2. To build strong, vibrant and stable Christian families;

3. To provide leadership and vision our generation and beyond;

4. To teach the restoration of Praise and worship as a lifestyle;

5. To enhance our individual talents through training, teaching and mentoring to improve our lives and communities;

6. To provide educational facilities to train and educate our young people so they can effectively function as Christ-centered  leaders in society, and;

7. To raise a new generation of Champions



RIMI exists as a mouth piece of God for our generation. Our fundamental belief is that God created man for a purpose as outlined in Genesis 1:26-28. However, because of our fallen state, ewe cannot discern His voice, For this reason, RIMI partners with other ministries to help people irrespective of race or social status to “find” their way back to God, so that Christ may be glorified in their lives. As a result, RIMI continues to grow by leaps and bounds, May the Lord speak to you consider becoming a part of this end-time militia for the Kingdom of our God.




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